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[Import] How to change import status "Updating"or "Imported" to "Open" ?

1. In Import Tool, in the column 'Status' Select 'Updating', Then click on 'Generate' button to generate and refresh the page. (Image1)

2. In this step in (Image2),

No1. Tick on the order that you want to make changes on the order status.

No.2 Click on the 'Update Status To Open'

3. After that, the Import tool will prompt out a message to show customer the process of the import tool just make. (Image3)

4. Now we can change the status to 'Open' first, and click on the 'Generate' to check the payment in open status.


5. In this 'Open' Status page, Import tool shown the payment just now we change the status from 'Updating' to 'Open'. (Image5) Now you are free to Import order ya.

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