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Step by Step: B2B - How to send order with B2B

Android Version

  1. Once login, the advertisement will popup (if applicable).  By clicking on close button, it will exit the advertisement.

2.    Click on History  to see previous record of purchasing. (If doesn’t show this button, that’s mean no purchase history yet).

3.     The record of purchasing will be shown in History pages.

4.     In order to sort the item sequence match with our desire, you may click on this filter.

5.    Select either 1 to make the filtration changes.

6.     Layout view button are made up to change viewing mode.

7.    Once click it will change the viewing mode into listing mode.

8.     Search button can  be used in order to smoothen the searching product.

9. History of the seach will also be view below. User also have he access of deleting the old search record (click on the trach button).

10.     Select the chosen product.

11.     Click button Add to Cart.

12.     Input the Quantity and press the button Add to Cart.

13.     Click on cart icon to see all listing that we have add to cart.

14.     Item that having out of stock quantity in the cart will be stated as Item Unavailable. You may remove it by sliding from right to left on item listing.

15.     Click on Change button to select different address.

16.     Click on + button to create new delivery address or you may select address in the listing.

17.     Once click on + button, all delivery information need to filled in. Then click Save.

18.     Camera button are for capturing any addition information that need to be included along the order status. In example receipt of payment.

19.     Maximum photo that could be included in is three.

20.     Once done include all the images, click on X (automatically save all the photo uploaded just now).

21.     Sales order remark can be included in this pencil icon.

22.     Input remark on the column, then click save.

23.     Click on PDF to display all order in pdf format (This section is block from being screenshot)

24.     Once confirmed, Send order.

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