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Step by Step: How to Make Payment

Android Version

  1. On right menu side bar, click on Payment.

2.     Click on create Payment button.

3)     Select a customer to proceed payment.

4.     Input Doc Amount (RM), the click on credit note (if necessary).

5. Credit note will be display, user need to choose which credit note are going to knock off.

6.     Proceed on selecting the invoice. Then proceed on clicking send icon.

7。     Choose option whether to send or save the payment

8.     Once you choose Save button, it will turn out yellow icon. Once send, if will turn out brown color.

iOS Version

  1.      Click on Payment.

2.     Click on create Payment icon.


3.     Firstly, select on Customer, secondly input payment type (If cheque payment, please insert all column detail with cheque detail and lastly preset amount to pay.


4.     Select Credit Note if any (to knock off payment with credit note).

5.     Select which invoice to be done with payment (Multiple invoice select is allowable by admin)

6.     You may preview the payment before getting save or send.

7.     The preview shown in application.

8.     The payment with draft status will be stated, while Cancel document will have stated C with highlighted red color.

9.     Slide from left to right to get more action of the order.

10. Sent order will be placed at sent section.

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