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SalesHero Value Pack 


SalesHero is a mobile ordering app for field sales force to increase wholesaler sales by providing mobile access for product information, quotes, orders and more.


  • Increased sales: Using Saleshero can help you manage sales activities more effectively, resulting in increased sales revenue.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Saleshero can help you better understand customer needs, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

  • Enhanced team efficiency: Using Saleshero can help team members collaborate more effectively, resulting in enhanced team efficiency.

  • Enhanced sales data visualization: Saleshero provides rich data visualization capabilities, which can help you better understand sales data and trends.

  • Improved sales management: Saleshero provides a wealth of management features that can help you better manage sales staff, resulting in improved sales management abilities.

T&C Apply.

SalesHero Value Pack (Monthly)

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