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Sales Hero Corporate Social Responsibility 

Strike Out Hunger!"Journey to Miracles"
children's 8-hour hunger campaign 2023

     SalesHero participated in the "Journey to Miracles" children's 8-hour hunger campaign jointly organized by SJK(C) Sum Sun and Love Vision. The purpose of this event was to allow children to experience hunger and learn to cherish food.

     During the event, SalesHero supported World Vision's community development projects in impoverished countries through fundraising and donations. These projects aimed to provide healthcare, nutrition, livelihood, and clean water sources to children and families in Sri Lanka.

    Through this activity, SalesHero aimed to inspire teamwork and cooperation among the children, helping them understand global poverty issues and encouraging them to contribute to society. 

      By taking small actions, SalesHero believed that the children could discover their own strength and become creators of miracles, capable of making a positive impact and changing the world.

​YMM Penang Blood Donation Campaign 2023


     SalesHero are honored to be a part of this blood donation campaign. SalesHero has sponsored a blood donation campaign to help those in need.


     By sponsoring this event, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation and encourage others to contribute to this vital cause.

PIFPTY Movement 2023

     SalesHero help 390 orphans to understand their own value and financial thinking, help them to strengthen their self-reliance. SalesHero help orphans changing their life with education. 

Aesthetic Music & Art Centre:
16th Annual Music Concert 2022

     SalesHero has sponsor 16th Annual Music Concert 2022 and we hope that the children can enjoy the beautiful melody while learning musical instruments

SalesHero has donated used devices  to
students who are unable to afford 

     SalesHero aimed to help students who lack the necessary tools to complete their studies, as nowadays computer is an essential tool for their academic progress.

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