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Everything Our Users Are Saying

See why companies around the globe have chosen SalesHero

Perfectly solves all my order issues

Mr.Wei Jia, Florist Wholesaler

"After using SalesHero, we can immediately get the most up-to-date reports on various product invoices, eliminating the occurrence of duplicate orders 🤩

In addition, SalesHero's support team is highly efficient. When there is a problem, they can resolve it immediately"

Real-time access to their sales targets

Mr Loon, Pet Food Wholesaler

"SalesHero App offers salespeople real-time access to their sales targets, providing immediate visibility into their goals.

They can simply use the app to check in, eliminating the need to obtain customer signatures and manual paperwork ."

Promptly update
customer payment status

Sam, Chocolate Milk Drink Wholesaler

SalesHero App enables the sales team to promptly update customer payment statuses, eliminating the need for manual documentation.


Furthermore, the app facilitates faster information dissemination to the admin, ensuring that they receive the latest updates in a timely manner.

Reduce Human Error

Dick, Hair Care Product Wholesaler

"SalesHero App eliminates the need for salespeople to manually write orders, reducing the chances of human errors.

SalesHero App enables salespeople to expedite payment collection and provide a seamless customer experience."

No Need Manual Key In Sales Order 

Ms.Mohanna, Petrol Wholesaler

"After using SalesHero, admin no longer need to spend hours manually key in, we have reduce four admin to two admin.


Sales team can now create sales order without carry booklets and manually write them, as they can easily generate sales order through the app."

Speed Up Ordering Process

Mr Tan, Motor Spare Part Wholesaler

"After using SalesHero, salespeople can instantly access product prices and stock information,  eliminating the need to contact administrators for assistance.

Thanks to SalesHero, salespeople can now visit customers without the burden of carrying product catalogs."

Real-Time Aging and Statement Reports

Kenny, Medical Wholesaler

"After using SalesHero, we are provided with instant access to current Aging and Statement reports


SalesHero provides quick and convenient access to the most current data, enabling sales personnel to make informed decisions on the go."

Salesman can check in from anywhere

Mr Soh, FMCG Wholesaler

"After using SalesHero, salesperson no longer need  return to the office to check in, as their work status can be easily monitored.


SalesHero enables sales personnel to check in from anywhere, making their work more convenient and efficient."

​Reduce Wrong Order!

Cai Ying, Lighting Wholesaler

"SalesHero helps to streamline the order process , making it more efficient and reducing the risk of errors.

By using SalesHero, sales personnel can place orders faster, knowing that the process is optimized for accuracy and speed, minimizes the occurrence of incorrect orders"

Reduce Paperwork, Save Time !

KP Lim, Shoes Wholesale

"After using SalesHero, it help to reduce paperwork, I can see everything in phone. It save me a lot of time and more effective.

SalesHero provides an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for sales personnel to manage their work from anywhere.

Our Sales Increased !

Ms. Lee, Baby Product Wholesaler

"After using SalesHero, my company Sales Increased !"

"No need to flip catalog for 1500 times !“

No need to wait boss come to office for approval !

Nelson Tan, Motor Accessories

"After using SalesHero, we no need to wait boss come to office for approval. Boss can approve or reject any order from mobile app" 

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