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SalesHero®️  minimum specification requirement

Computer Operating System :

  • Windows 7.1 Pro with installed . Net Framework 4.8.1

  • If OS cannot meet number 1, need prepare Windows 10 Pro 64 bit



  • Processor intel i5 5th generation (Recommended i7 Processors)

  • 8GB RAM (Recommended 16GB)

  • SSD hard disk 500GB  (Recommended 1TB)

  • Network LAN Cable with Internet 30Mbps

  • Recommended available storage 20GB

Mobile APP minimum Specification requirement

iOS :

  • Above iOS13

  • Estimate RM1600 above

  • 4GB RAM (Recommended 6GB)

  • 4G cellular or WiFi

  • 64GB Storage ROM (Recommended 128GB)

  • Recommended available storage 10GB


Android System :

  • Above Android OS 10

  • Estimate RM1000 Above

  • 6GB RAM (Recommended 8GB)

  • Must have Google service (Google Play Store)

  • 4G data internet and above

  • 64GB storage ROM (Recommended 128GB)

  • Recommended available storage 10GB

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