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Tutorial Step How to Maintain Cloud Bundle


1)      Open SalesHero website, find Product > Maintain Cloud Bundle





 2)      Click on Create New Bundle button.


 3)      Fill in Name, Company and Item Group then click on Update button.


4)      Go to Home > Company List.



 5)      Select and click on selected Company name.


 6)      Scroll down until reach ‘Using Custom Doc’ and turn it ON. Update once done.

7)      Go to Home menu, click on Salesman List.


8)      Choose and click on selected salesman.


9)      Input into Sales Order Document Number and Select a bundle.




10)   Click on Add New Number to input another group bundle group.  Next input into Sales Order Document Number and select a group bundle.



11)   Now you have two different document number with two different group bundle.

12)   Once ready click on Update.


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