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Change Minimum Order Quantity and Bulk Order Quantity – SalesHero Backend

1)     Key in your email address and password to log in SalesHero Backend.

2)     Click on Submit button to login.


3)     Click on “B2B” menu




4)     Select “Maintain Item Setting”








5)     Find your desired product using “Search” button.



6)     Click on “Edit” button



 7)     Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): set for minimum quantity the customer needs to order for this item. It also can be used as weight. Minimum 0.1.


8)     Bulk Order Quantity(BOQ): set for the quantity increment when customer increase item order by one. Can also be used as weight. Minimum: 1.



9)     Click “Submit” button once done.



10)  The top right corner will notify you whether the update of the settings was successful.



For video tutorial, click on link below:

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