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How to Set Price Rule (SalesHero Backend)

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

1) Key in your email address and password to log in SalesHero Backend.

2) Click on Submit button to login.

3) Go to company list.

4) Choose specific company from the list.

5) Go to “Price Rule Setting”.

6) Choose on to turn on the price rule. If you click ON button, there will show 3 types, which is last purchase, price tag and reference price.

7) The number listing will indicate the priority.

In SalesHero, it prioritizes display the price tag setting first, followed by the last purchase and finally the reference price.

Example: The sequence will be in first in “Last Purchase”, Second sequence will be “Price Tag”, Third sequence will be “Ref Price”.

8) For price tag setting, click to turn ON or off at any time. This feature represents special price for specific customer.

9) As the “Price Rule Edit Price Once” setting are recommended to be ON. This may have allowed you to remain edited price after change quantity.

10) After done all the setting, click update button to save the setting.

11) The top right corner will notify you whether the update of the settings was successful.

For video tutorial, click on link below:

Thank you !

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