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How to set up Approval in SalesHero (Backend)

1) At backend side, Click on “Company List”

2) Go to selected company name.

3) Scroll down until reach down “Approval Setting” and click on it.

4) Activate “ON” button for approval.

5) Once done, it will appear successful notification popup.

6) At the backend side, click on “Order” > “Manage Position Approval”

7) Click on “Create New Multilevel Approval Rule”

8) Create “New Multilevel Approval Rules”, fill in level, company, name field and lastly click on “Create” button.

9) Successful notification will popup once done.

10) Next, click on “Order”>” Approval” Module List”

11) On this screen, click “Create New Approval List”

12) Fill in the requirement then click “Save” button.

13) Once done, it will show up the status on the listing.

14) Go to “Order”> “Approval List”

15) Click on order that we going to approved it

16) Next screen will be this. Click “Approved” for both.

17) Once approved will appear “Status: Approved”, start sync again with sync tool.

18) Using SalesHero Sync Tool, sync again to capture the sales order after manager have approved it. Click “Generate” button> Tick on selected Sales Order> “Import to Accounting”.

19) Once done, it will show up “Imported Update Status Successful”.

Thank You !

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