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How to setting Advance Territory Management

Note: This settings enable specific salesman to view customer or customer under specific agent.

1. Login SalesHero backend> Click on 'Salesman List' Option

2. Select a Specific salesman from the list.

3. Scroll down to find the customer list settings. Select ‘ADVANCE TERRITORY’ Option.

4. Once select ‘ADVANCE TERRITORY’, The ‘ATM auto assign’ Option will appear.

5. ATM auto assign

On: If you want to assign the salesman can view all customer under specific salesman. (Step 6 to step 8)

Off: If you want to assign the salesman can view specific customer. (Jump to step 9)

6. Once the ATM auto assign is turn on, Click on the (+) sign beside additional setting to show out all agent list.

7. You have the option to associate the salesman to view specific sales agent customer in customer list in App.

8. Once done ‘ADVANCE TERRITORY’ setting, Scroll down to the button and click ‘update’ button to update salesman setting.

9. If ATM auto assign is turn Off, You need to click on 'Customer' from the side bar menu and select 'Advance Territory Management' to manually assign specific customer to the salesman.

10. On the Advance Territory Management page, You can grant permissions by select specific companies and agent and then click on 'Load'

11. You can tick the customers which want the salesman can view.

12. Once the customer has been assigned, Can click on the ‘save’ button on the button right of the page to update the customer list setting. (Once the ATM auto assign is turn On, The save button will not shown in the page. )

13. Once done successfully save 'Advance Territory Management’ page, A message will prompt on the top right of the page.

14. Kindly inform salesman to Sync App once the specific customer has been assigned, The assigned customer show appear in the salesman customer list.

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