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Tutorial Step Create Item Package (SalesHero Backend)

Step by Step: Item Package – SalesHero Backend

1) Key in your email address and password to log in SalesHero Backend.

2) Click on Submit button to login.

3) Go to “Product” menu.

4) Click on “Maintain Item Package”

5) Next, click on “Create New Item Package”

6) Then select company

7) Enter the package code and provide a description that your salesman can identify this item package.

8) Choose start date to end date

9) Then click on “+Select item”, select item, select “Done” button once done selecting.

10) Click on “Create button to create a period package. 11) Kindly inform salesman to sync data to sync new item package.

For video tutorial, click on link below: LFrgpB-X&index=

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