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Tutorial Step How To Reset Backend Password (SalesHero Backend)

Step by Step: How to Reset Backend Password – SalesHero Backend

1) Firstly, log out from Sync and import tool.

2) Click on “Click here to Change Password”

3) Fill all the requirement needed then click Submit button.

4) Once done, web will notify the successful message.

5) Re-login the sync and import tool with new password.

6) Import tool > Search for “File” > “Setting”

7) Tick on “Enable”, “Push Notification” and “Show Transaction”

8) Click “Yes” to restart SalesHero Import Tool before ready to be used.

9) Next is on SalesHero Sync Tool. Go to “File” > “Setting”

10) Tick on “Schedule Import Start from” to set the timing backup automatically.

11) Click “Yes” to continue restart the sync tool. Now both tools are ready to used

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