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Tutorial Step Multi Location Setting (SalesHero Backend)

Step by Step: Multi Location Setting – SalesHero Backend

  1. Key in your email address and password to log in SalesHero Backend.

2. Click on Submit button to login.

3. Go to Salesman list.

4. Choose specific salesman from the list.

5. Directly turns this page.

6. Go to “Location (Device BalQty)”, it will show salesman locations and their corresponding device balance quantity. Click on “Select All” in order to access all the locations.

7. In a box of “show” button add up, adjust the number of locations that display on the page and Utilize the search bar to find specific locations.

8. Choose which locations are visible to salesman

Edit location:

  1. 1) This option allows the salesman to choose location and check the balance quantity. Select show balance quantity (Each Location)

Show Location Balance Quantity:

1) This option can determine whether the salesman can see the balance quantity. Select ON.

2) After done all the setting, click update button to save the setting

3) The top right corner will notify you whether the update of the settings was successful.

For video tutorial, click on link below:

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