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Tutorial Step Connect bluetooth printer

Step by Step: Connect Bluetooth Printer – SalesHero Mobile

Android Version

1) Find phone “Setting”

2) On “Bluetooth” and search for Bluetooth printer

3) Enter PIN of the printer

4) Printer that successfully done will move to “Paired Device”

5) Kill all apps and reopen SalesHero apps

6) “Bluetooth connected” and printer are ready to use.

IOS Version

1) Open SalesHero “Setting icon

2) Click on “Printer” menu

3) Click on “OK” to connect Bluetooth

4) Click on Bluetooth printer and enter PIN as requested

5) Once Bluetooth successfully done, it will popup this message

6) Automatically will directly tick on “default Printer”. If your printer brand was stated below the default printer, you may tick on it. Printer are ready to used.

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