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Tutorial Step How to Create Sales Order IOS– SalesHero Mobile

Step by Step: How to Create Sales Order – SalesHero Mobile

IOS Version

1) Click on the “Sales Order” module.

2) Create Sales order icon.

3) Select a customer.

4) Select item to proceed then press “next” button.

5) Preview item before proceeding to next step. Click preview to review in other format.

6) Print preview is for reviewing purposes.

7) Click on rebate icon if any rebate given.

8) Input the rebate by number of percentage.

9) Click on bin icon for delete purposes.

10) Click “Delete” to proceed with deleting order.

11) Click on sort icon to arrange it into desire.

12) Click on pencil icon to insert any remark for the product.

13) Click on Contact section to input any changes.

14) Click on Take photo section to input image.

15) Firstly, we will have recommended customer to save. Click save.

16) In draft section, you may slide to do any action given.

17) Click on the draft, click on pdf to review the order submitted in PDF form.

18) PDF format shown, click on share icon to share on any platform provided.

19) Click on “Send” to proceed the order once confirmed.

20) Once order sent, apps will notify thru popup.

21) On Draft section will be empty once all order have been sent.

22) Click on Sent column to review back on what sales order have been sent.

For video tutorial, click on link below:

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