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Tutorial Step How to do Check in and Check out (SalesHero Mobile)

Step by Step: How to do Check in and Check out – SalesHero Mobile

Android Version

1) Find “Check in” menu.

2) Click on sign in icon.

3) Fill in customer column and take photo(if necessary)

4) Fill in remark (if necessary)

5) “Send Check in Only” for one time check in. “Save” is necessary for check out after check in.

6) Click on check in status to have an option of it. For check out, press check out option.

7) Click yes to proceed check out.

8) Once success check out, system will popup success notified. Click close to exit.

IOS Version

1) Find check in module

2) Add new sign in by the icon.

3) To check in, select “Customer”

4) “Add photo” if necessary, remark if any. Click on “Check in” for later check out. Click on “Send” (For Check in purposes only)

5) Click yes to proceed.

6) To check out, slide left at the end of the row.

7) Press “checkout” to proceed.

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